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Officially inaugurated in March 2007, Vinpearl Cable car system is not only a modern and safe means of conveyance recognized by millions of domestic and international tourists but also a Vinpearl’s branded unique tourism product and the pride of Khanh Hoa residents and tourism.

Vinpearl cableway – the single-wire cable car system with cabins (clamp-released design) having a capacity of 8 people each was constructed by POMA – a French group. With the total length of 3320 meters and the above sea level average height from 40 to 60 meters, Vinpearl Cable Car System takes prides to be the longest sea-crossing cable car system which can safely operate in the wind speed of 72km/h, earthquake acceleration of 14m/s or tsunami wavelength of 90 meters. All construction materials and equipment were originated from Europe which met the standard of World Cable Association.

With 9 pillars which blended luxurious and imposing shape and structure was similar to the graceful features of Eiffel Tower, Vinpearl Cable car system is considered to be an extremely attractive wonder to Vinpearl’s visitors. From the ideal height of the cable car, you can contemplate the panorama of a beautiful Nha Trang city embraced by meandering beaches, the paradise-like beauty of Nha Trang bay and a stunning Vinpearl Land Amusement Park complex. In the evenings, when being enlightened by laser and decorating lights, Vinpearl’s cable car system proudly boasts its breathtaking beauty.

Choosing Cable car system for your travels when coming to Vinpearl to enjoy the feeling of hovering in the air and to admire the vista of poetic landscape of Nha Trang city from the height of 60 meters.

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