Indoor games

Located in a man-made mountain 24 m high, Vinpearl Indoor Game zone has abundant games suitable for visitors at different ages. Apart from hi-tech-integrated game zone including 3D world, bumper electric car, Kids’ Garden, 4-D projection room with hundreds of seats will promise you a real experience of unique and exciting entertainment.

Indoor games include:

1. 4D Projection Room

4D movie is an entertainment system combining 3D movies with real effects right inside the Projection Room such as rain, wind, snow, light, smoke, tough movements of shaking, falling, earthquake, heat/warmth or even water flush, air flow or smell.

At Vinpearl Land Amusement Park, 3 modern and luxurious 4D projection rooms with the capacity of 30 persons not only bring you chances to admire cinema masterpieces but also move with each beat of thrilling and attractive, life-like stories. Chairs in 4D projection room designed as the swing chairs with back-up devices below allowing movements to the context of the movies will make your hearts beat quicker.

2. Bumper cars

Let’s show your driving talents on lovely bumper cars. Driving your cars bumping others will absolutely cheer you up.

3. Kids’ Garden

The world of fairy characters in the childhood dreams will be realized when coming to “Kids’ Garden” at Vinpearl Land. This is an ideal place for kids to have fun and relax with overwhelming images of fairy characters. At Kids’ Garden, parents can have their kids babysitted some hours and be calm in mind that their kids will be delicately taken care.

4. Kid’s paradise

This place gathers a lot of new, funny and attractive games for kids. Stepping into the magical childhood world, kids will enjoy a series of interesting and educational games such as: Superman Electric cars, Kid train, flex animals, buoy house, ball house, rail ducks, roundabout games etc.

5. Game Supermarket

With attractive electronic games such as horse racing, hammer beating, motor racing, gun shooting, audition dancing, Vinpearl Land Game supermarket will be an ideal place for family members and friends to bunch together to relax. An Entrance Card to Vinpearl Land Amusement Park will entitle you unlimited access to any games at Game Supermarket to meet your taste.

6. Karaoke room

Karaoke rooms with modern audio equipment will be the stage for you and your family members to show singing and performing talents. Songs with different styles not only bringyou relaxation to show your emotions but also is the sentimental voice connecting souls.




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